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Hi and thank you for visiting my website, my name is Ian Evans I am a self confessed Brow Addict! I am based in Liverpool and I've specialise in creating gorgeous eyebrows! I began my unusual journey from the Army into the world of beauty as a HD Brows Stylist in 2009 and in 2014 after becoming increasingly frustrated that it was impossible to simply make hairs grow from nothing I decided to train in Microblading and that's where I found my passion! I have trained in a number of Semi Permanent Eyebrow disciplines from manual to machine method and have trained alonside the best teachers in the business even venturing to the Phi Academy in Serbia to train with world renowned Branko Babic the creator of PhiBrows.


I am never content with my current level of work meaning when you book Microblading with me I will give my all to try and ensure your eyebrows are incredible! 100% is never enough!

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So What is Microblading?


Microblading is the technique of implanting pigment into the skin using super fine blades. Microblading stems back thousands of years, but its popularity more recently began to grow in Asia with the feathering or embroidery eyebrow trend. As the technique evolved the name changed and is now known as microblading, it's essentially tattooing, but it involves using an array of fine blades and an assortment of specialised manual hand tools. Rather than giving you a block of dense colour like traditional tattooing, fine strokes are created by hand to give the illusion of real hairs, which is why those looking for abeautifully natural looking eyebrow prefer it. It's great for the glam for those with alopecia or people who've gone through chemotherapy, or just for the everyday girl who's keen to up their brow game.



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